We Are....

A professional and social organization whose purpose is to unify the members of the print and electronic media public relations and marketing community.

Our active membership consists of individuals engaged in buying, selling, creating, or producing advertising or those engaged in gathering, editing or reporting news or related fields. Associate memberships are by invitation of the Board of Directors only, and consist of newsmakers and community and business leaders.

Gridiron 2018 Tickets

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Strategic Objectives....

The following shall be the Advertising & Press Club's main objectives, and shall guide all decisions made by the Board of Directors in oversight of the club's business.

    1. To delight audiences and exceed patron expectations with Gridiron and the Annual Lake Area Legends Roast, while keeping costs to a minimum.
    2. To thoroughly document the processes necessary to successfully stage the annual Gridiron show and the Lake Area Legends Roast.
    3. To make the Ad & Press Club an organization that lives up to the desires of its membership, and to make Ad & Press Club meetings and events worth attending.
    4. To make sure the Ad & Press Club utilizes the talents and creativity of its membership in a way that benefits the club.
    5. To ensure the club's governing documents accurately reflect club practices, and that the club's governing body and membership use the documents as a guide when conducting club business.
    6. To ensure that the oversight of club business is fairly and equitably divided among members of the Board of Directors, and that each member of the board fulfills the responsibilities entrusted to them.
    7. To oversee the selection process for any and all Ad & Press Club scholarships presented to students of area educational institutions.
    8. To incorporate various social activities throughout the year which encourages membership participation and promotes professional camaraderie.
    9. To increase participation in community service projects.
    10. To design and maintain a club website that is informative as well as provide another outlet for purchase of tickets for Gridiron and the Roast.


46th Annual Gridiron

Join us on Saturday, July 28, 2018!

It's the 46th Annual Gridiron Show at the Lake Charles Civic Center Buccaneer Room. It's a crazy night of poking fun at local newsmakers and area politicians through skits and songs. A social begins at 6:00 pm with plenty of schmoozing going on. The area's best restaurants and caterers will have tasty foods and of course, a cash bar is always available. Then the fun starts when the show begins at 7:30 pm.

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